Payment Policy

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Payment Procedures
We accept many forms of payment depending on whether you are paying domestically or internationally. All payments are processed through our USA headquarters. US Domestic payments include free bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal or other means as communicated beforehand. International methods include wire transfer, credit card, or PayPal. Details can be obtained by our sales department. Payment terms are to be negotiated on a case by case basis but generally require invoiced payment to be received before work begins.

Repusurance has a flexible refund policy in case of non-satisfaction
Under this refund policy client is required to follow the terms and conditions of the company and not to violate any.
  • There will not be 100% money back in case the company removes half of your negative links.We follow a ratio of 70: 30 in case more than half of the work is done. In simpler terms only 30% of money will be refunded to client in case company removes more than half of your negative link successfully.

  • We have a flexible money back policy in case of non-satisfactory results. We follow a ratio of 70: 30 in case the company fails to deliver 100% result.
    There is a time-duration of 180 days. Once the company starts working on the project, no refund will be paid before the timeframe or if the outcome of search results is found positive within the timeframe.
    In case of refund client will lose all the rights to access over the web properties and will not be able to make use of these properties in the future.
    Company possesses the right to delete all the work done and links created. Company may take strong actions against any violation.

  • Client is not allowed to hire someone else for the same project. In case you are hiring two companies simultaneously for same project, you will not be eligible for refund.

  • Client is supposed to inform the company regarding refund via email. Company will take the time of at least 3 working days to take any decision over your request.

  • The client is not eligible for refund if the link is being clicked, promoted and updated at any point during the project time span.

  • Refund will be made within 10 working days only if eligible, with the deduction of processing fee, if any.

Contact Us
Repusurance support team is very effective and punctual in providing professional assistance to our clients. You can contact the support team regarding any issue and receive a response within 12-24 hours in working days and 48-72 hours on non-working days.


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