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Struggling to be on the top of Google? Do you think you can?

Google, America’s one of the most popular search engine which is being used by almost all the countries.  Nowadays, Google is being snapped by many countries and big organizations for being biased. We all are well aware of the fact that businesses are giving their 100% to be on the top of Google search results. But, what if we get to know that Google is manipulating the search results?

Many shopping websites also accused Google for being biased for its own Google pages. Normal people who are not much into internet does not know about Google and its policies. But, if you are running a business online, you must be aware of its algorithms and policies that keep on changing. For many of us, Google is a search engine that shows the exact result we are looking for.

You might have notice that sometimes it is actually difficult to find exact services or product or any other information that you are looking for. Most of the organizations and well established businesses are claiming Google for manipulating the search results and being based.

Here is a detailed study that shows Google is manipulating search results in its favor.

Yelp accused Google for being biased:

Yelp and other travel as well as shopping websites accused Google to be biased and showing results in favor of its own page.  Google shows results in favor of its Google+ pages. Somewhere it is forcing the search engine to show “organic” results for pages owned by Google.  As per yelp reviews by consumers are higher on Yelp and Tripadvisor as compared to Google +, which is reviewed by a handful of people. If Google is not manipulating search results then how with less reviews it ranks higher?

Yelp has made a research to make it out that Google is manipulating the results in its own favor. A study was published by Tim Wu a Columbia Law School professor in 2015 that states “Google has developed and promote its own content”. This study has poked holes in Google’s steely defense. Yelp is considered as Google’s biggest rival and it is said that it paid to Wu and his co-author for their work on study.

This study somewhere gave this point of Yelp a strong base that shows Google is biased with its users.

After this many website, organizations underwent a thought process, if Google is really manipulating the search results and making the results biased? Here is another recent example where European Union has slapped Google for manipulating the results.

Google manipulates results for Hillary Clinton:

Is Google misusing its power to manipulate search results?| Repusurance

This topic has been debated by a number of organizations and websites that Google has manipulated the auto suggestion searches for Hillary Clinton to improve her online reputation. Some sourcefed believes that Google is manipulating the search results for Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump, giving some examples.  

It is found that negative suggestions that were coming on Hillary Clinton’s auto suggestion have been removed.  Google admitted that it had removed by giving the fact that any offensive word coming on a person’s name has been avoided by the company. But it denied to help Hillary Clinton purposely.

Google slapped with a record breaking fine by European Union:

Is Google misusing its power to manipulate search results?| Repusurance

The European Union has slapped the U.S giant with record breaking fine of $2.7 billion.  It has 90 days to change its practices otherwise it has to pay the penalties. According to EU, Google has manipulated the search results in such a way that it gives illegal advantage to its own services while harming its rivals.

The punishment was announced and taken by European Union’s leading competition official Margrethe Vestager.  This announcement was done after a seven years investigation. Margrethe believes that Google has unfairly boosted its shopping comparison services. She added that it provided a prominent placement in Google searches, and demoted rival’s comparison shopping services. Vestager stated that whatever Google did is illegal under EU antitrust rules. Most important thing here is that it does not offer consumers a genuine choice of services.  Though Google has been allegedly denied the charges for many a times but, this time study and results has been put in a strong way.

Is it true that Google is being biased or as per it, it is a search engine that shows results in a complex result? Whatever is the truth will come out by time. We hope users get a universal search engine that at least doesn’t show biased results.

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